Skirting the addition

Skirting the addition is not the same as skirting the issue. I’m using pre-painted roofing, cutting it with a Dual Saw and burying it 5 to 7 inches deep in the ground.

Some things that’s helped me do this project:
2×4 strongtie metal ledge hangers, 1 per three feet
Pressure treated 2×4 “stud”, mounted widthwise, 2 ” above ground level
Roofing screws with rubber washers, 1 1/2″ and 2″
Screened loam, John Deere tractor
sharp square loam spade, rake
8p short galvanized nails, palm nailer, compressor, hose


Installing Skirting

lots of clamps, sawhorse, extra 2×4’s to clamp to
tape, level, tri-square, sheet-stock square, pencil, marker
hammer, punch, drill, 1/4 ” hex driver bit