Hi, Ubuntu Users!

I’m excited to have my blog listed on Ubuntu Weblogs, aka Planet Ubuntu Users. I haven’t missed a day of reading your entries for a few months now, after I discovered my favorite newsreader, Liferea.

I’m a private accountant in Maine U.S.A., and have been working with computers since 1986. I have many interests, and am enthusiastic about Ubuntu — especially the LTS releases. I run Ubuntu exclusively at home, and leverage it just as much as possible at work, though I do have to use Windows for several applications.

My past blogging has been long diatribes about the experiences I’ve had with projects I’ve taken on. I’ll try to put a few special, shorter tips in for you from time to time as I run across them. You’ll see me around on Ubuntu Forums and IRC as jimcooncat.

My current project at work is setting up a two-server system with a shared data partition (drbd), and I’ll be adding a healthy dose of KVM virtualization.

At home, I’m learning to build associative databases using SqLite and Tcl/tk to use for automated publishing. I plan on opening a very small business called “Cooncat Publishing”. I’ll be mostly repurposing publicly available data in a wide variety of formats and media.

Here’s some of my earlier Ubuntu related entries I’ve made before getting on this Planet:

Almost everthing has purpose, including Microsoft Windows

I work with two computer operating systems every day, Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft Windows. I post new things I find on web forums, both problems I’m having and tips for others. Whenever I get help from someone for my problems, I try to help at least one other. Once in a while, I hang out in IRC channels for a quicker fix of my community addiction….

A grand computing scheme

The plan

A few years in the planning, with several false starts, the dream of a smarter computing environment is taking shape. Like many small businesses, ours has a central point of data that is crucial to the business’s survival. Financial data, correspondence, photos, the publications we generate, and contact databases are our office’s lifeblood, and reside on a shared drive on a Windows computer….

Agonizing’s over, accept success when you can

When you don’t know where to start, attack everything at once.

I’d say the heading speaks for itself, yet a new project of this magnitude always seems to boggle me. Other things it my personal life were also in flux, as much as they are now I’m settled. So instead of setting real goals, I had to come to terms with all the relationships that are involved in a reliable, robust computer network….


Thanks for listing my blog!


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