Blogging Applications

A blogging app should be immediately available.

A typical session now.

  1. Wake up with a great idea for your blog.
  2. Turn on the coffee pot.
  3. Open blogging app and wait for it to initiate.
  4. Connect to blog.
  5. Jot down a quick outline of what you’re going to write about.
  6. Make up a filename and save it.
  7. What does the advanced toolbar do?
  8. An operating system update is flashing. Guess I should run that while I’m just blogging.
  9. Switch back to the blog, and write down the part of the main idea that I remember right now.
  10. I’m in my browser, and can’t think of anything this second; would it hurt to check my news site? I promise myself I’ll only read one headline.
  11. Oh, coffee’s ready. My throat’s dry. One more line and I’ll get a cup.
  12. Switch back to the blog, and write down anything just so I can get my cup of coffee.
  13. She comes in. “While you’re on the computer, dear, why don’t you go through this stack of bills?”
  14. Open online banking site so she can see you’re being helpful. While it’s loading, start ripping open envelopes.
  15. She went to get a cup of coffee. I can finally get back to blogging!
  16. Switch to blog. Write down the punch line of the blog post.
  17. Hear large crashing sounds coming from the kitchen. Jump up, “Are you alright?”
  18. Find out she’s knocked over the sugar bowl you’d left hanging precariously off the counter. Help pick up glass and sugar mixture.
  19. Back to the bills, she wants to know how much electric you used last month. Try to justify the usage increase.
  20. Check bank balance, and find out you’ll have to make a decision between electricity and food. Put off decision until you open rest of bills.
  21. OS update’s done, according to the annoying popup. Dismiss the popup, and leave the nagging icon on the screen. You’ll restart your browser later, right now you have work to do!
  22. Switch back to your blog. Start rereading what you’ve written so far to refresh your own memory.
  23. Hear commotion from the cellar. Run downstairs and find angry cat in the water of sump pump hole. Bring wet cat upstairs and wipe him down in the sink with the dishrag. Get hand scratched before done.
  24. Wipe up water and blood from around sink area. See you have five minutes before you have to start getting ready to go to work. Hang dishrag up to dry in laundry room and find replacement.
  25. Get back to computer. Your blog’s there awaiting attention. Mindful of the time, you switch back to the banking site. You’ve timed out, so you have to go back to the front page of the banking site to log in.
  26. Before the bank site lets you in, it asks you to pick a security question and come up with an answer. You choose “what’s your pet’s name?” and write down “scratching little sump pump bastard”. The phishers won’t guess that!
  27. Choose bill pay, and throw the electric company a thirty dollar bone. Hope they don’t shut you off before next payday, or you finish your blog post, whichever comes first.
  28. Close bank website, and your news page shows. Do a quick scan of the headlines.
  29. Check the time. You should be in the shower right now.
  30. Write down the partial payment on your electric bill.
  31. Close news site, and see your unfinished blog entry.
  32. Save your blog without starting to read it again.
  33. Open checkbook spreadsheet and type in the payment.
  34. Close browser and tell the computer to reboot for good measure.
  35. Take shower, get dressed, all that good stuff. While in the shower you remember some major thing you wanted in your blog post.
  36. Get back to computer. Dismiss the “Can’t shut down right now” popup and hit save for the checkbook spreadsheet.
  37. Spend a disappointing few seconds realizing your computer is going to reboot without giving you the chance to type your idea.
  38. Put some oil in the car so you can make it to work. She’s in the window waiting impatiently. Run back in and kiss her, acting like you didn’t forget about that at all.
  39. Cat give you a dirty, accusing look. Hiss at the cat while walking out the door.
  40. Drive to work, holding throbbing scratched hand, trying to remember what you were blogging about.
  41. Money worries pop up in your thought process, or rather that you’ll be giving up beer and lunchtime snacks until next payday.
  42. Make a mental note that you need to make up with the cat or life will become unbearable.
  43. Get to work late and walk into a large staff meeting you’d forgotton about. Everyone looks tired, sad, scared or angry.
  44. Realize you’re not going to get back to that blog post today.

Help develop the future of blogging apps. Please leave your comments on how to avoid the problems.


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