A decision has to be accompanied by a basis. Why did you make the choice for action? If this isn’t recorded, and you forget, you won’t be able to defend your actions.

If those who are affected by your choice wonder if they are benefitted, they should be able to research your rationale without having to interrupt your life to recall the basis of your decision. That is, if you’ve recorded the basis of your decision understandably, and haven’t changed your mind since then without updating your basis. In that latter case, you’re in trouble.

By not sticking with the program, your crappy decision is about to affect someone else. If they are more cognizant of the situation than you were at the time of your original decision, they will call you on it. But if they take faith in your basis, take action on the same conclusion you did, they will go happily down a false path.

Depending on the potentials along the way, you’ve set them up for disaster. Now what will you do, plead ignorance?


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